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How to add a folder to automatic backup
How to add a folder to automatic backup

Automatically back up your folders to the cloud when you download and install Onlime on your computer.

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When you have installed Onlime on your Windows or Mac, you can add folders to be backed up automatically in the background.

How to add a folder to automatic backup

  1. Klik the button Add folder – or drag and drop the desired folders into the application window

Once a folder is added, Onlime will mirror the folder to the cloud 1: 1. This means that Onlime updates the contents of the cloud when you add, delete, change, rename files etc.

Drag and drop folders into the Onlime window

You can easily select multiple folders at once and drag them over to the Onlime window. They will then be added for automatic backup.

Select Add Folder

Select Add folder to add a single folder for automatic backup. It is also in this way that you can add an external hard drive or NAS.

Note: If you delete one of the added folders from your computer, it will be added to the Trash. It is deleted after 30 days.

Note: If you want to free up space on your computer, move your folders backed up to Archive.

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