Backup, Sync and Archive

You can upload and store files at Onlime in various ways. We explain when to use Backup, Sync and Archive.

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Backup and Sync are two different ways to upload files to Onlime. They are primarily used after downloading and installing Onlime on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

You need to use Archive to store files and folders that are solely in the cloud. Files are not updated in Archive when you change files on your devices - unlike Backup and Sync.

Once you have downloaded and installed Onlime for Windows or Mac, the program can automatically back up your folders on your computer.

Backup runs automatically and continuously in the background, but you can also set Onlime to back up at a specific time of day.

If you have added a folder to Backup, all changes to the folder will be mirrored from your computer to Onlime.

All folders and files that you back up can be viewed in the original folder structure by logging on to

Backup - use cases

  • you want automatic backup of folders, files and pictures

  • you want to back up an external hard drive

  • you want to back up a NAS

Note: Changes you make to a folder that you have backed up are automatically mirrored to Backup. Files that you modify will be uploaded to Onlime as a new version. Up to 5 versions of your files will be saved.

Note: Files that you delete from your computer are also deleted from Backup. Read more about Trash.

Note: If you delete, change or add files to Backup on, these files will not be mirrored to your computer.

To store folders and files in the cloud without them filling up your computer, use Archive.

Onlime Sync allows you to sync files between multiple computers via the cloud.

When you install Onlime on Windows or Mac, a special folder is created in Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

The folder is called Onlime Sync, and the content of this folder is mirrored both to the cloud and to all your other computers, where you have installed Onlime. This happens completely automatically and continuously.

Shared folders

If you create a folder in Onlime Sync, you can share it with friends and colleagues. Once they join the folder, all the content of the shared folder will be synced with their user.

Everyone who participates in the shared folder will be able to make changes to it - and all changes will be synced immediately to all members of the folder.

Sync - use cases:

  • you want to sync files between multiple computers

  • you want to be able to make changes to files and folders via our apps, which are also synced back to your computers

  • you want to collaborate in a shared folder with friends and colleagues

Note: Deleting a file from Onlime Sync will delete it from all other computers to which the file has been synced. If you delete a file in a shared folder, it will also be deleted from all members of the shared folder.

Note: Files that are synced will not be automatically downloaded to mobile devices. This is because mobile devices have limited storage space. Of course, you can also browse the files or download them individually if you wish.

Archive (Go to

Archive is the place where you store files and folders that need to be stored and secured in the cloud. Files and folders stored in Archive can be deleted locally to save space on a computer, mobile or tablet.

Archive can only be used when you are logged on to Files and folders stored in Archive can always be accessed and downloaded on all devices.

It is easy to use Archive on

  1. Find one or more files that you want to archive and mark them

  2. You can now select either Copy or Move

  3. In the window that pops up, select Archive.

  4. Click Move/Copy to Folder.

  5. A green info text now tells you that the action is complete.

  6. The files can now be found by selecting Archive.

If you want to free up space on your hard disk or computer, use Move.

Important: If you want to archive large amounts of data, we recommend that you start backing up those folders on your computer.

The difference between Copy and Move

Copy: If you select Copy, you will get both a copy of the original location and a copy in the Archive.

Move: If you choose Move, you will subsequently only have one copy, which will be placed in the Archive.

Click + out of a folder to unfold the folder structure.

Tip: If you want to easily download files from Archive to your computer, you can move them to Sync. Then they will be downloaded to the Onlime Sync folder on your computer.

Note: It is not possible to set up automatic archiving. Archive must be managed manually.

You can upload files directly to Archive using the upload feature on the website, but this still needs to be done manually. However, we do not recommend using this feature for large amounts of data.

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