Open and edit a document

Open and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents without having the programs installed on your computer.

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Note: This article applies to customers with a private subscription (Personal and Family subscriptions). Business customers must have a license from Microsoft to edit documents.

Onlime is directly integrated with Office Online, so everyone can have an easy and good experience when editing documents in the cloud.

Onlime allows you to edit the following documents:

  • Word documents

  • Powerpoint documents

  • Excel documents

Office Online integration is available to all private users. Private users can access Office Online without having to have a Microsoft access key/license in advance.

Open and edit a document on

To open a document, you must

  1. Find document on you account

  2. Right-click on the document

  3. Select Open in..

The document is now opened in your internet browser. You can edit the document as you normally would in the program on your computer.

All changes are saved automatically.

Save and exit

When you have finished editing a document, return to

  1. Click on the file name in the upper left corner. You can name the document here, if you wish.

  2. Select Save and return..


All changes you make to a document are automatically saved while you work.

Note: A version of the entire document will only be created when you quit Office Online and return to Every single change in the document does not count as a new version.

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