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Read about the two different views of your files on and in apps: 'Files' and 'Photos'

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On and in mobile apps, you have two views - 'Files' and 'Photos'.

The Files section is concentrated around files and folders.

Here you see all the files you have uploaded to Onlime. The files are divided into Backup, Sync and Archive depending on how you have chosen to upload the files.

The folder structure is preserved as you know it from your folders on Windows or Mac.

To make the user experience as easy and transparent as possible, files and folders can be sorted by file name, date and size.

The Photo Timeline is a visual presentation of all the photos and videos that you have uploaded to Onlime.

Photos and videos are organized by time and location in order to experience one's pictures and videos in an easy and intuitive way.

When you delete a file or photo that you have stored with Onlime, it is moved to the Trash.

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