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New Onlime app for iOS and Android: What's new?
New Onlime app for iOS and Android: What's new?

Experience the new Onlime mobile app with improved navigation, new overview of your files and new, ground-breaking intelligent image search.

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Welcome to the new and improved version of our Onlime mobile app! We've redesigned the app to make it even easier for you to access your files, photos, and memories from your mobile device.

  1. New Home section: With the new design, you get a good overview of current images and files, and quick access to useful functions. The new home section contains: today's memories, the latest photos you have taken, latest files and quick access to popular functions such as 'Free up space' 'Settings' 'Scan document' and our help page.

  2. New Intelligent Image Search: Now you can search for images you have stored in Onlime using natural language: search for specific colors, emotions and content. For example, search for "Long streets in San Francisco" and "Happy children playing on the beach". Only your imagination is the limit!

  3. Places and photo maps: See all your stored photos in Onlime on an interactive world map! Images are grouped into clusters, so you can zoom in and out on the map to see images of specific places you've been in the world.

  4. Always visible main menu: By moving the main menu to the bottom of the screen so that it is always visible, you can navigate between the various functions in Onlime faster and more conveniently.

  5. Top Right Corner Settings: We've also added a new way to access the Settings feature, which is now available in the top right corner of the app. This makes it even easier to customize your app settings and preferences. Plus, you can now customize Onlime with your profile picture too.

This is just the beginning - We're rolling out updates and new features continuously, so remember to update the Onlime app and keep an eye out for messages from us ๐Ÿ˜Š

Please write to us if you have any questions or feedback for Onlime. You can write to or contact us via the contact button in the lower right corner here on our web pages.

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