Archive and cloud storage

Save files in Archive when you want them to be stored only in the cloud and not take up space on your devices.

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You can use the feature Archive in Onlime for when you want files to be secured in the cloud โ€“ and not take up space on your devices.

Files and folders stored in Archive can be deleted locally to save space on a computer, mobile or tablet.

Archive can only be used when you are using Onlime in your browser. Files and folders stored in Archive can always be accessed and downloaded from Onlime on all your devices.

How to use Archive

It is easy to use Archive on :

  1. Find one or more files that you want to 'archive' and check them.

  2. You can now select the following: Copy or Move .

  3. In the window that pops up, select File.

  4. Click Move to Folder / Copy to Folder.

  5. A green text now tells you that the action is complete.

  6. The files can now be found by selecting File.

If you want to free up space on your hard disk or computer, select Move .

Important: If you want to archive large amounts of data, we recommend that you start by backing up those folders with Onlime on your computer.

The difference between Copy and Move

  • Copy: If you select Copy, you will get both a copy of the original location and a copy in the Archive.

  • Move: If you select Move, you will subsequently only have one copy, which will be placed in the Archive.

Click + to unfold the folder structure. Then click to mark the folder, you wish to select as the destination.

Tip: If you want to easily download files from Archive to your computer, you can move them to Sync. Then they will become Onlime Sync on your computer.

Note: It is not possible to set up automatic archiving. Archiving must be managed manually.

You can select files and upload them directly to Archive using the upload feature on the website, but we recommend doing so only with a few or smaller files.

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