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Review of user's account in case of abuse
Review of user's account in case of abuse

A detailed description of what a review of a user's account contains and why it can be initiated.

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In order to offer quality and reliability to all of our users, we protect ourselves from misuse of our service. We do this by making sure that our users follow the guidelines of our terms and conditions.

If a user account is taken out for review, an investigation will be initiated to find out if the user violates our terms and conditions.

Why are user accounts being reviewed?

How can a user account be selected for review?

A user account can be selected for review based on various scenarios, for example:

A review can be initiated based on usage patterns, sharing activities or reporting from external sources.

What is a review for abuse?

If a user account is selected for review, a specialized team will review the user account metadata such as folder structures, file names, and checksums. Files and folders that have been publicly shared by the user are also reviewed.

What can happen after a review?

Depending on the outcome of the review, the following may occur:

  • The user does not need to take any further action

  • The user must actively take a stand on the review

  • The user will be deleted

Why are some user accounts being reviewed?

At Onlime, the privacy and security of our users are our number one priorities. Securing our users' data is the core of our service, which means that the files must be protected against unauthorized access so that you can securely and always access your files.

Securing and deleting user accounts that misuse the service or otherwise violate our terms is an important step towards maintaining the service so that it is always accessible, reliable and secure.

In other words, it ensures that we can keep the service up and running at all times - for all our users.

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