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How do I cancel my subscription or delete my account?
How do I cancel my subscription or delete my account?

How to cancel your subscription and delete your account.

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Of course, we're sorry you're considering cancelling your subscription or deleting your account. If you experience any problems, you are more than welcome to contact us 🙂

You can cancel your subscription by logging in to My Onlime.

When you cancel an active subscription

When you cancel your subscription, the account will be open until the last day of the subscription period. After this, the files that you have uploaded to Onlime will be deleted and you will no longer be able to use our apps on your computers, mobiles and tablets.

If you wish to terminate and delete your account with immediate effect, please contact us.

When you cancel a free account

When you cancel a free account, all data at Onlime will be deleted immediately.

If you want to create a new free account afterwards, you can reuse your e-mail address, as it has become vacant after the termination.

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