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How to upload manually from mobile and tablet
How to upload manually from mobile and tablet

If you need to manually upload a photo or video on the Photo Timeline.

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If you have enabled automatic backup in the app but at the same time chose that the app should not upload over 3G / 4G, the app will not back up photos and videos, unless you are connected to a Wifi.

In this case, pictures and videos are not secured in the cloud when you are on the go - until you are connected to a Wifi.

Therefore, it is possible to upload photos and videos manually if they have not been automatically uploaded. That way, you can upload individual photos and videos over 3G / 4G, if you need to.

Read more about automatic backup for iPhone and iPad and Android.

How to manually upload photos and videos

When you have disabled upload over 3G / 4G, photos and videos that have not been secured to the cloud will have a small icon presenting a crossed-out cloud.


To upload the photos or videos anyway, you can select them and tap the upload icon in the top right corner. You can open a single photo and upload one at a time or you can select multiple images and upload them at the same time.


Your photos and videos will now be uploaded and secured with Onlime in full size.

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