Here we show you how to delete local versions of photos and videos on your Android and keep them in the cloud so you can free up space on your device.

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How we ensure that space can be freed

The Free Up Space feature includes security features that secure images and videos in the cloud before deleting the local version.

This is done in three steps:

  1. First, a local image or video that has been marked for automatic backup is identified.

  2. The image or video is now checked against the version, which is located in the cloud, on several unique parameters.

  3. The local image or video is scanned for these unique parameters.

Only when all these 3 steps have been verified successfully, the local version will be deleted, freeing up space on your device.

How to free up space

There are 3 ways you can free up space on your Android smartphone.

  • Delete a photo or video outside of the Onlime app

  • Use the Free Up Space feature on a single image or video

  • Use the Free Up Space on all photos and videos from the app menu


There are some individual cases where Free Up Space cannot be completed. In all reported cases, it is related to the security settings on your Android smartphone.

Photos and videos that are stored on an SD card

Since Android Lollipop (5.0), no Android apps do have write permissions for an inserted SD card - even if users have given an app write permission for the card. However, Onlime can read and access photos and videos on the SD card, which the user gives permission for when the app is first started.

This allows Onlime to back up the photos and videos on the SD card. But Onlime is not able to automatically free up space from the SD card.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not use an SD card to store photos and videos, as Onlime can not help free up space automatically and securely.

If you have no choice but to use an SD card to store your photos and videos, and you still want to free up space from the card, manually delete the photos outside the Onlime app. In this case, we strongly recommend that you check the Photo Timeline and make sure all images and videos have been uploaded correctly.

Free up space when you have an unstable internet connection

Each individual file that is freed is checked individually and therefore errors can occur if the internet connection goes down in the middle of the process. If this happens while the individual file is being checked, the freeing of space will not be completed.

In this case, you will have to try again when the device is connected to a stable internet connection once again.

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