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Scan documents on Android
Scan documents on Android

You can scan documents and upload them to the cloud with your Android camera.

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In the Onlime app on Android, you can scan and create PDF or PNG documents and upload them directly to the cloud.

The scanner is an excellent way to scan and secure handwritten notes, receipts or other types of analogue documents.

How to

  1. Open Onlime on your Android smartphone

  2. Go to the folder you want to scan and upload to

  3. Press + and press Scan Document

  4. You can now point the phone's camera towards e.g. an A4 sheet

  5. If the camera detects a square object (such as an A4 sheet), you will see that the area is highlighted

  6. Tap the camera icon to complete the scan. You can take a picture even if no selection appears.

Du får nu en eksempelvisning på dit scannede dokument.

Adjust the document

You can rotate the document by pressing the rotate button. This will rotate the document 90 degrees counterclockwise. To adjust the corners or readability of the document, you can tap the adjust button. You can grab the corners of the edge border outline to correct the perspective and boundaries of the document.

You can also choose from the following filters for your document:

  • Color

  • Black and white

  • High contrast filter

Save the document to the cloud

When you are satisfied with the result, you can save the document:

  1. Tap the arrow in the upper right corner.

  2. Name the document and choose whether to save it as PDF or PNG.

  3. Select Save.

The document is now saved to the cloud.

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