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Why does the app need to be open on iPhone and iPad to be able to back up?
Why does the app need to be open on iPhone and iPad to be able to back up?

Unfortunately, an app can not run indefinitely in the background on iPhone and iPad. Onlime needs to be opened now and then.

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To improve the battery life of your iPhone or iPad, iOS limits the amount of background time for each app when it is not open and displayed on the screen.

Apple has laid out these guidelines in their system, and we need to follow them.

Our app will try to upload your photos and videos as fast as possible when the app is assigned "background time". However, you likely have to open the Onlime app once in a while to make sure all is uploaded.

How much "background time" does the app get?

Apple decides the rules for how long an app can run in the background when the app is not open and the screen is on. The rules are changing, but at the moment these apply:

  • Onlime can run for up to 30 seconds after you switch to another app, turn off the screen or similar.

  • If you force the Onlime app to quit, it will not run in the background thereafter.

  • From time to time, Onlime will be allocated extra background time, depending on how much you generally use the app, if you are connected to Wifi, if you charge your device, etc. There is no one who with 100% certainty knows how this extra time is distributed - except for Apple, of course.

How can I improve background uploads on my iPhone or iPad?

You can increase the amount of background time that Onlime is assigned so that backups are taken more often.

  1. Go to Settings - Advanced

  2. Enable Allow location updates (always)

Why do you want to know my location?

In fact, we will never know your location as we do not send your location to our servers. The advantage of activating this option is that Onlime will be allocated extra background time each time your device detects that you are moving more than approx. 500 meters.

This means that your photos and videos will automatically be uploaded more often without you having to keep the app open. At the same time, this setting will have virtually no effect on battery life.

The first time you back up your photos and videos on your iPhone and iPad

If you have many photos and videos that you want to back up, follow these tips.

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