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Upload log files from Android
Upload log files from Android

In support cases, it may be necessary to upload log files from your Android.

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Sometimes we ask for log files from your Android smartphone to understand and resolve issues that may arise. You can upload log files from the Onlime app on Android like this:

  1. Open Onlime

  2. Go to Settings via the menu button at the top left

  3. Scroll down to the bottom where you see the app's version number and tap 10 times on this text.

  4. Now you see the option Send logs to support - click on this and the log files will be sent to Onlime. You can close the app after this.

Log files do not contain your data. They only contain information such as when you have opened the app or attempted to upload files, including the file name of the image and how the app performed this action.

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