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Upload and download speeds depend on several factors - primarily the bandwidth of your internet connection.

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The upload and download speed of our service depends on a number of factors - primarily the bandwidth of your internet connection.

Factors affecting speed

  • Your internet speed from your internet service provider. The internet speed is described with X / Y Mbit / s (ex 100/20 Mbit / s) where X is your download speed and Y is your upload speed.

  • Your network - connect your computer via cable to your router. Wifi connections can fluctuate a lot in strength and reliability.

  • VPN connections - If you are connected to the Internet via VPN, it may reduce the overall speed.

  • Your computer's resources - all files are encrypted upon transfer which uses CPU power. You can close other programs running in the background to free up power.

  • Your hard drive - Your computer's hard drive must supply files to Onlime. An old hard drive, external hard drive or an ongoing virus scan or. other large transfers will affect the overall speed.

  • The size of the files you want to upload / download - small files are sent or downloaded quickly, and therefore the speed does not reach a high level (eg for ordinary pictures and documents). Many larger files will use more of your bandwidth to a greater extent.

Adjust the number of simultaneous uploads and downloads

If you have a good internet connection and a newer computer with an SSD hard drive, you can increase the number of simultaneous files that are uploaded. This will raise the overall speed.

By default, Onlime uploads 2 files at a time. You can increase this number - try for example first with 4, and increase to 6 if you find that your computer and internet work fine.

We recommend that you have a newer computer (newer than 2012) as well as a good internet speed.

Do you have an old computer, or are you backing up an external hard drive? Do not raise the number of uploads and downloads to more than 3.

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