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The app menu (Windows)

From the app menu in Windows, you can access various features of Onlime.

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After installing Onlime on Windows, you can use the menu from the toolbar to quickly access Onlime.

Open Onlime ...

This opens Onlime on your computer, where you can add folders for automatic backup, access Settings etc.

Onlime Sync ...

This opens Onlime Sync on your computer. The contents of this directory correspond to Synced on

Onlime Website

Opens up You are logged in automatically this way.

Pause Onlime / Start Onlime

If you pause Onlime, the program will not take any further action. All synchronization stops. This means that backup, as well as Onlime Sync, stops completely. You can restart the synchronization again by selecting Start Onlime.

Settings ...

Upgrading account ...

If you have a free account, you can click here to upgrade your account with more space.


Quit Onlime and shut it down.

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