Sometimes it may be necessary to reset the setup of Onlime on your computer. A reset can resolve any issues you may have with synchronization, upload speed, or anything else that cannot be immediately resolved by optimizing the use of Onlime.

In this help article, we will explain how to reset the setup of Onlime on Windows and Mac - without having to upload folders and files again.

What does a reset mean?

A reset means that there are a number of database files and cache files from the Onlime program on your computer that are being deleted. When these files are deleted, Onlime is reset and setup starts over, as when you first installed Onlime.

When performing a reset, it is necessary to add folders for automatic backup again. Therefore, it is also important to follow the guide below carefully when you want to add folders again.

Folders and files that have already been previously uploaded do not need to be re-uploaded in this process.

Why reset?

A reset can solve issues with Onlime such as:

  • Slow upload speed that does not fall below the normal Reduced upload speed

  • Failure to sync when backing up a folder or in Onlime Sync

  • If you experience a sudden shutdown of the program

  • If you experience general instability

  • Problems with other core functionality that cannot be solved by changing the normal use of the service

A reset can also be used if you no longer want Onlime to run on a computer.

How to reset Onlime

  1. Make a note of the folders you have added for automatic backup.

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click Unlink account

  4. Click OK in the window that pops up

  5. Setup will now start over, as when you first installed Onlime on Windows or Mac.

  6. When the setup is complete, add your folders for automatic backup again.

How to resume backup to an existing backup set, after a reset

If you want to resume backup to an existing backup set that is registered to Onlime - for which there may be several reasons - follow this guide.

If a reset does not resolve the issue, feel free to upload your log files and contact us, so we can assist you.

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