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Sharing with a simple link
Sharing with a simple link

You can share everything you have uploaded to the cloud with a simple link.

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A link is a direct URL for files or folders that you have uploaded to Onlime which you choose to share. Sharing with a link is easy, secure and quick.

How to create a shared link

  1. Select or right-click a file or folder

  2. Select Share

  3. Enable public access

  4. Copy the link

You can then send the link in an email or in a message in your favourite message app. This is an easy and simple way to share files and folders - especially as an alternative to attaching files to emails.

How to create a link in mobile apps

You can also create links directly from our apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Download our apps here.

  • Open the Onlime app on your mobile or tablet

  • Find a file or folder you want to share

  • Open the menu (three dots) next to a file or folder

  • Select Sharing

  • Enable public access

You can then copy the sharing URL and paste it into a message. You can also choose Share link with... to open the sharing URL in another app on your device.

More about shared links

  • Alle med linket kan forhåndsvise indholdet direkte fra hjemmesiden.

  • Alle med linket kan downloade indholdet til deres computer.

  • Ingen med linket kan ændre i filerne eller uploade egne filer. Ønsker du, at de skal kunne det, kan du invitere andre til en delt mappe.

På samme måde kan du oprette links til billeder og albums i billede-tidslinjen. Læs mere her.

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