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Comment on photos and albums (in apps)
Comment on photos and albums (in apps)

With Onlime on iPhone, iPad or Android, you can comment on albums, photos and videos in shared albums with friends and family.

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You can comment on photos, videos and shared albums you have with friends and family, directly in our apps on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Comment on an album

Once you have opened a shared album, you have the option to comment on the album.

In the bottom right corner, you can see the comment box and on each picture, you can see the number of comments on that picture.

When you click on the comment box, you will see all the comments on the album and its photos. You can also see who has commented and which photo the comment is related to.

Type in the text box and submit the comment to the album.

Comment on a photo or video

When you open a photo or video and view it in full size, you have the option to comment on it by clicking on the speech bubble at the bottom of the screen.

This way you can comment on a single photo or video.


Reply to a comment

You can reply to someone else's comment by selecting Reply under the comment you want to reply to.

Edit and delete your own comments

You can edit and delete your own comments. Click the menu to the right of your name next to that comment and select Edit or Delete.

Note: Deleting a comment that someone else has replied to will delete the entire thread.

Get notified of new comments

You can choose to be notified on mobile devices and by email when new comments tick in. Switch the messages on and off on under Settings. Learn more about messages from Onlime.

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