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The Photo Timeline on iPhone, iPad and Android
The Photo Timeline on iPhone, iPad and Android

All your photos and videos gathered in one timeline on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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To get started with the timeline on iPhone, iPad and Android, download the app.

Open Onlime

You open Onlime as you open any other app on your mobile. If you have not installed the app yet, you can download it here.

  • Open the menu

  • Select Photos

Introduction to the Photo Timeline

The Photo Timeline has 2 sections. Photos and Albums.

The Photo Timeline shows all your photos and videos. Both photos located locally on your mobile device and photos from your computers are displayed here. This way you can see ALL your photos no matter where you are.

The pictures are organized by time. The newest at the top and the oldest at the bottom. The information is retrieved from the photo's metadata.

Remember to enable automatic backup in the app:

Navigate the timeline

  • The timeline is sorted in time, ie. your most recent photo or video is placed at the top and the oldest photo is at the bottom.

  • The photo's info comes directly from the photo's metadata.

  • Use the wheel on the right side of the screen to whiz through your photos. The wheel appears as soon as you scroll up or down in your photos.

How do I know if there is a backup?

No backup: When Onlime finds a photo or video that has not been backed up yet, a photo of a cloud with a dash through it appears on the photo.


Backup has started: When backing up, a rotating icon is displayed. When the backup is complete, the icon disappears.


Pictures and videos without an icon mean that a backup has been taken.

Select photos

Du kan markere billeder og videoer på 2 måder:

  • Vælg menuen øverst i højre hjørne og tryk på Vælg

  • Hold fingere på et billede et øjeblik, og det vil blive markeret. Du kan herefter markere flere billeder ved at trykke på dem

You can select photos and videos in 2 ways:

  • Select the menu in the upper right corner and press Select photos

  • Hold your fingers on a photo for a moment and it will be highlighted. You can then select multiple photos by tapping them

Once you have selected photos on the timeline, you have the following options:

  • Deselect all photos

  • Share the selected photos with a link

  • Add the selected photos to an album

  • Delete the selected photos

  • Free up the selected photos from your device

  • Hide the selected photos

Add photos to an album

When you select photos, they can be added to albums. This way, you can later view them together and easily share them all with one click.

Click the "+ icon" after selecting the photos you want to add to an album.

You can now choose which album to put your photos in or create a new one with '+'.

Viewing photos and videos in full screen

Click on a photo or video in the timeline or in an album to open in full screen.

In full screen you can do the following with a click/swipe:

  • Show/hide controls: Press once

  • Zoom in/out: Press twice

  • Show next/previous: Swipe left / right

  • Exit Full Screen: Swipe up

At the top of the screen you can do the following:

  • Exit full screen

  • Delete

  • Manually upload by clicking on the cloud

  • Caste via a Chromecast

  • Free up space on your device

At the bottom of the screen you can do the following:

  • Open in ..

  • Share with link

  • Add to an album

  • View information and view meta-data


Here you have an overview of the albums that you have created and shared. Here you will also find albums that you follow from other users. In addition, you will find a list of locations the photos were taken.

You can open an album by clicking on an album cover.

There are three different categories of albums:

  • My albums

  • Shared albums

  • Locations

My albums

My Albums is a collection of all the albums you have created. My albums are sorted by the last edit date. The album you last created will be displayed at the top.

Shared albums

Shared albums contain albums that you have shared with others and others' albums that you follow.

Create anew album

  1. Press +

  2. Select photos to be in the album

  3. Write a title for your new album

  4. Finish by clicking the checkmark

When you open an album, all the pictures in the album will be displayed.

Share an album

To share an album, select the menu from the top right (the three small dots). Then select Share album and choose how you want to share it e.g. with a message or Facebook.

If you choose to use the URL link in the clipboard, you can paste the URL link anywhere.

Album settings

In album settings you have control over the properties of your album:

  • Rename the album

  • Copy the URL to share the album

  • Manage whether members of the album can add their own photos

  • Undo album sharing

  • See who is invited to the album

  • Delete the album

Note: If you follow an album, you can not delete the album. Instead, you can leave the album. The owner of the album will be notified when you leave an album.

Follow a shared album

If someone shares an album with you with a link, open the link in Onlime if prompted.

When you open the shared album in Onlime, you can follow the album. Select Follow at the bottom right. The album is now being added to Shared Albums.

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