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Which photos and video files are displayed on the Photo Timeline?
Which photos and video files are displayed on the Photo Timeline?

See a list of the file types that automatically appear on the Photo Timeline.

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Below is a list of file types that can be automatically displayed on the timeline.

Image files

  • JPG

  • PNG


  • JP2/JPX


RAW files

  • Canon: CRW, CR2

  • Universal: DNG, RAW, RW2

  • Nikon: NEF, NRW

  • Leaf: MOS

  • Sony: ARW, SR2, SRF

  • Mamiya: MEF

  • Hasselblad: 3FR, FFF

  • Epson: ERF

  • Foveon: X3F

  • Minolta: MRW

  • Leika: RWL

  • Kodak: DCR, KDC

  • Pentax: PEF

  • Fuji: RAF

  • Olympus: ORF

Video files

  • 3GP

  • 3GPP

  • Quicktime

  • MP4

Bemærk: Du kan uploade og sikkerhedskopiere alle typer filer. Ovenstående er kun en liste over de filtyper, som du kan få vist i billede-tidslinjen.


  • Image files that do not have an ISO value in the file's metadata and that have not been uploaded from the mobile app or through Onlime on a computer will be automatically hidden on the image timeline. How to view them anyway.

  • Image files below 0.2 Megapixels will not be displayed.

  • Image files larger than 150MB are not transcoded and therefore are not displayed.

    Note that all file types can be backed up with Onlime. This is just a list of image and video files that do not appear in the image timeline.

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