How the Photo Timeline works

The Photo Timeline automatically aggregates all your photos and videos from all your devices.

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The Photo Timeline is an easy way to view and share your photos and videos.

The Photo Timeline automatically collects all your photos and videos uploaded to Onlime and displays them in a timeline and in albums.

The Photo Timeline is available and free to all users.

  • All your photos, from all your devices, displayed on one timeline

  • You can organize your photos into albums

  • Sharing photos and albums has never been easier

  • Invite friends and acquaintances to add photos to the shared albums

  • Albums are automatically made based on where a group of photos were taken

  • Support for most RAW file types

  • There is no limit on file size or resolution

  • No compression and no data loss when uploading photos and videos

How are my photos sorted and displayed?

  • In the timeline, images and videos are displayed by the recorded date in the image file - newest at the top

  • In albums, photos and videos are displayed in the order they were added to the album - the most recently added are at the top.

You can easily view the entire Photo Timeline on iPhone and iPad as well as Android or in an internet browser on your computer.

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