Back up Outlook (.PST files)

Learn how to back up Outlook (.PST files).

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Problems can arise when backing up .PST files from Outlook because the size of this type of file is often large and changes very often.

When Onlime is set up for automatic backup, every single change is captured and sent for backup in the cloud.

Outlook uses .PST files to store and manage your emails. This means that .PST files can be quite large because they contain both emails and attachments such as images and documents from emails you have sent and received.

Every time you do something in Outlook or send and receive emails, the .PST files change.

This means that there is a high risk that a .PST file will change before Onlime can upload the file 100%. Therefore, uploading will start over - and it can happen again and again ..

To avoid this, we recommend

  1. Schedule backup to be done when the workday is over and you no longer use Outlook. Double-check that Outlook is completed before Onlime starts backing up.
    โ€‹See how to plan your backup.

  2. Create a new folder and copy the .PST files to the new folder. Then add the folder for backup. If you select this method, you will need to manually copy the .PST files into the folder from time to time.

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