Reduced upload speed

Reduced upload speed is a measure to prevent abuse of account types with unlimited space.

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Note: This article only applies to subscriptions with unlimited space and not Family Subscriptions or Business Subscriptions.

What does reduced upload speed mean?

Reduced upload speed is a measure to prevent abuse of account types with unlimited space.

Account types with unlimited space were created to give our users and customers predictability. Unlimited space means at any one time that you can upload as much data as you want.

Our goal is that only users with an abnormal space - or network consumption, notice the effect of the speed reduction.

How does reduced upload speed work?

  • Reduced upload speed means it may take a little longer to upload your files.

  • The download speed and other parts of our service are not affected and you can still store all the data you need with unlimited space.

  • If you store more than 5TB (approximately 5000GB) in your account, the upload speed of the service will be automatically reduced.

  • The scope of the reduction increases as your data volume increases above the 5TB limit.

  • The reduction is cancelled when you reduce your total amount of data to less than 5TB.

How can I avoid slow upload speed?

If you keep your account organized and are good at limiting the storage of unnecessary files, you are in the best position to avoid reduced upload speeds.

By avoiding the storage of unnecessary files, you help us at the same time keep our service cost-effective and of high quality for all users ๐Ÿ˜Š

Below you will find 3 tips to get better at organizing your data.

1. Create an overview of your files

A good place to start is by knowing how many files you are storing.

  • You can see how much space you take up in your account by logging on to - Settings.

  • You can see how much space folders and devices take up by looking in the Size column. This applies to Sync and Backup.

  • To view folder sizes in Archive, go to the Restore tab in Onlime on your computer and start a download; before you start the download, you will see the size of the folder.

2. Delete unwanted files, pictures and videos

Browse your folders and files on your account and delete the files that you do not need to back up. Learn more about how your files are organized in your account.

We recommend that you check both Archive, Backup - and Sync.

Another obvious option is to review your account to see if you keep duplicates of files, photos and videos. Delete the duplicates you do not need.

Especially videos and large photos can take up a lot of space in your account.

Another important thing: Please note that you only store data in accordance with our terms. It is not permitted to store illegal data and pirated films at Onlime.

3. Empty the Trash

The Trash contains deleted files for 30 days before being permanently deleted. By emptying the Trash, you can quickly and easily free up space in your account.

NOTE: Check that trash files are not important or missing files, as they cannot be recovered.

What is the maximum upload speed?

The maximum upload speed is shown in the table below.

To achieve the full speed of our service, you need to set up the number of simultaneous uploads. See how here.

As always, the upload speed is ultimately determined by the speed you get from your internet company, other simultaneous use of your network and your computer's available resources.

1TB = 1000GB

Total usage

Upload speed

Less than 5TB


5 - 6 TB

120 Mbit/s

6 - 7 TB

90 Mbit/s

7 - 8 TB

75 Mbit/s

8 - 9 TB

60 Mbit/s

9 - 10 TB

48 Mbit/s

10 - 11 TB

36 Mbit/s

11 - 12 TB

33 Mbit/s

12 - 13 TB

30 Mbit/s

13 - 14 TB

27 Mbit/s

14 - 15 TB

24 Mbit/s

15 - 16 TB

21 Mbit/s

16 - 17 TB

12 Mbit/s

17 - 18 TB

9 Mbit/s

18 - 19 TB

6 Mbit/s

19 - 20 TB

3 Mbit/s

20 - 50 TB

1.5 Mbit/s

More than 50 TB

0.6 Mbit/s

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