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Recover (download) folders to a computer
Recover (download) folders to a computer

Learn about recovery of entire directory structures as well as recovery in case of deleted files and ransomware attacks.

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If you install Onlime on your Windows or Mac, you can download individual files and entire folder structures at once. We call this recovery.

It is convenient if you e.g. have got a new computer and want to recover all your files and folders at once from Onlime.

Info: Files you recover retain the time of the original creation and last change.

Regular file recovery

  1. Open Onlime and select the Restore tab

  2. Double-click the computer, device, or destination that you want to recover from

  3. Select one or more folder

  4. Click Start Download

  5. Select where on your computer that you want to restore (download) to and click Start Download.

Tip: To select multiple folders at a time, hold down Shift on the keyboard.

Note: Downloads take place in the background, so you can close the Onlime window in the meantime.

Note: Files that are greyed out are files that have been deleted from your computer. Deleted files are stored in the Trash for 30 days and are then permanently deleted.

Recovery in case of deleted files and ransomware attacks

Have you deleted files by mistake, or have you been the victim of a ransomware attack?

Files that have recently been deleted on your computer appear greyed out.

If you restore a folder the regular way, only existing files will be restored.

  • If you want to get all the files recovered - including files that have been deleted on your computer but are still in the online backup - you can select all the files in a folder by pressing ctrl + a and clicking on Start Download.

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