Upload with an internet browser

You can easily upload files to Onlime with an internet browser. It is useful when you want to upload files to the cloud on the go.

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Once you are logged on to Onlime.dk, you can drag and drop files or folders from your computer directly onto the website.

We recommend that you upload a few files and folders at a time using this method.

You can also click the green '+' to upload files or a folder from your computer.

The benefit of uploading with an internet browser

The advantage is that you can decide for yourself which files you want to upload. At the same time, you can do it from virtually any computer in the world without first having to install Onlime on your device.

The disadvantage of uploading with an internet browser

The downside is that you have to manually select the files that you want to upload. The transfer can also be both slower and less stable than uploading through an application or app.

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