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Backup photos and videos on mobile and tablet
Backup photos and videos on mobile and tablet

Photos and videos are some of the most valuable to us, and they can all be automatically secured at Onlime.

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We shoot photos and video with our mobile phones and no one is interested in risking losing them. With automatic backup of photos and video on your mobile and tablet with Onlime, you do not have to worry about that risk.

Download Onlime for iPhone, iPad and Android

You need to start by downloading our app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The first time you open the app, you will be helped to get started with automatic backup.

Remember to enable automatic backup in the app:

The first backup of mobile and tablet

When you have activated automatic backup on your iPhone, iPad or Android, backup takes place in the background.

However, on iPhone, iPad and Android, network activity in the background may be restricted by the manufacturers to save battery power.

If you need to backup for the first time, we recommend that you connect the phone to a stable WiFi or 4G and leave the screen and app open until the backup is complete.

Have you already installed the app? Read more about automatic backup of photos and videos on iPhone and iPad or Android.

Free up space

Photos and videos that have been uploaded to Onlime will NOT be deleted in the cloud if you delete them locally on the phone and outside the app. They will still be in Onlime and you can watch and enjoy them in the app

Free up space on your mobile and tablet - how to do it easily and securely:

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