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With Onlime Sync, you can sync files and folders between your devices and work in shared folders with other users.

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Onlime Sync helps you synchronize files and folders between all your devices on which you have installed Onlime. It is also in Onlime Sync that you can share folders with other users.

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Introduction to Onlime Sync

Onlime Sync is a special folder that is always online and synced. Yet, you use it as a regular folder like your're used to.

You'll find Onlime Sync on your computer after installing Onlime on Windows or Mac.

Files and folders you place in Onlime Sync are automatically synced to and from the cloud and your devices:

Considerations when using Onlime Sync

You need Onlime Sync when you want

  • your files and folders to be automatically synced and stored locally across multiple computers

  • to collaborate with other users in shared folders

If you want to take regular backups of your folders, you need to add them to automatic backup in the installed Onlime application. This also enables you to share files and download them from the cloud, but they won't be stored locally on multiple devices.

Open Onlime Sync on your computer

After installing Onlime on your Windows or Mac, you can find Onlime Sync as a folder in Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

Also, open Onlime Sync directly from the menu:


Click the Onlime icon in the mac menu bar and select Onlime Sync Folder... from the menu.


Right-click on the Onlime icon in the taskbar and select Onlime Sync Folder... from the menu.

Note that the Onlime tray icon can be hidden behind the arrow pointing upwards.

Open Onlime Sync in an Internet browser

Log on to Onlime.dk and click Synced to see all yours and shared files.

It's also from here where you can share files or folders – read more about sharing files and folders here.

What do the icons in Onlime Sync mean?


You will see two types of icons when using Onlime Sync on your computer.

  • The arrows mean that the file or folder is running/waiting to be synchronized

  • The checkmark means that the file or folder is up to date

Note: If you see other types of icons, they are from other cloud services or applications than Onlime. It can be OneDrive on Windows and iCloud on Mac or similar cloud services. This can cause problems and you should uninstall other cloud services. Contact us if you have questions πŸ™‚

Valuable information on Onlime Sync

  • Files and folders you place in Onlime Sync will be:

    • automatically uploaded to Synced on Onlime.dk.

    • automatically downloaded to other computers where you have installed Onlime and enabled Onlime Sync

    • stored on the drive of your computer. If you want to free up space, you must use Archive.

  • All changes in files and folders are mirrored to Onlime - e.g. if you rename, delete and move files. Such changes also cause these files to be moved to the Trash on Onlime.dk and to the Trash on your computer.

  • If you want to collaborate in shared folders with other users, use Onlime Sync.

  • While a file is being downloaded from the cloud to Onlime Sync on your computer, the file name will be 'filename.onlimedownload' while downloading

  • If you uninstall Onlime from your computer, the Onlime Sync folder will not be deleted.

    • If you want to reinstall Onlime, you can choose the same location to Onlime Sync and avoid having to upload your files again.

    • If you do not want to use Onlime from the computer again, either drag your files to another folder on the computer to preserve the contents or delete the folder.

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