In this article, we will explain how to set up automatic backup on a computer based on an existing backup from another computer.

It may be relevant to you if:

  • You have formatted a computer and want to install and set up Onlime based on an existing backup in your account.

  • You have got a brand new computer where you have installed a hard drive from another computer that you have previously backed up - and that you want to continue this backup from the new computer.

  • You have reset Onlime on your computer and want to continue the backup to the existing computer that is registered with Onlime.

Avoid multiple backups of the same computer

By following the steps in this article, you can avoid having duplicates of your backup sets which would increase your overall usage.

How to

It is important to follow the steps below carefully to do this correctly.

  1. On the Backed up tab, you need to find the computer you want to continue backing up, based on a new installation of Onlime.

  2. Write down the name exactly as it appears on the page - in lower and upper case letters, numbers and characters. In the example below, the name is MacBook Pro.


    If necessary, copy the name into a document so that you have the exact name.

  3. Download and install Onlime for Windows or Mac.

  4. Log in and follow the setup until you reach the image below.

  5. Name the new installation with the exact same name that you noted in step 1.

  6. Complete the setup.

  7. Add the appropriate folders for automatic backup again.

Onlime will now scan your folders and files and cross-check them with the ones you have stored in the cloud. Folders and files that have been uploaded previously will not be uploaded again.

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