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Some of my files are called 'Conflicted' - why?
Some of my files are called 'Conflicted' - why?

You may find that some of your files stored in the Onlime Sync folder get 'Conflicted' added to the file name.

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When a file is synced between multiple devices, Onlime may be in doubt about which version of the file you want to keep. This indicates Onlime by adding 'Conflicted'.


As a general rule, the file with 'Conflicted' in the file name is the oldest version of the file.

You can therefore delete it.

In the example above, the file Forhandler(Conflicted).xlsx file can be deleted.

However, we recommend that you always open both editions and check which file is updated with the content you want.

Why does 'Conflicted' occur?

'Conflicted' can occur in several cases:

  • if there are or have been problems with the internet connection

  • if the upload of the file was interrupted - for example by the computer being shut down / hibernating or if the Onlime application running in the background was shut down suddenly

  • if other programs/processes lock the file - e.g. if the file is open in another application at the same time as Onlime

  • if a file is edited and saved by several people at the same time

As you can see in the screenshot above, the problem arises with an Excel file. The file may be in use by the Excel program while Onlime is trying to upload it.

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